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e.max or BruxZir? Price Shouldn’t Matter...and it Doesn’t

As dentists sort thru the news and journal ads about “advanced” ceramic materials, they often call to ask what we recommend on a specific case, or “What would you put in your own mouth?” We like to answer those questions without consideration for the costs of the crowns, as if it didn’t matter.

Today we can do that! Saber Dental Studio has brought two durable, “Monolithic,” all ceramic crowns to our clients.

These monolithic crowns are made of a single material with no porcelain layering that can chip, fracture, or separate from an underlying coping. BruxZir® is milled from a zirconia block using CAD/CAM, e.max® is pressed to full contour from a lithium disilicate ingot. Both fit better than any casting.

While BruxZir offers more “Brawn than Beauty,” e.max certainly offers posterior strength and esthetics.

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